Calendar of Events
Membership meeting, every 2nd Tuesday of each month, except July and August.
Meetings are held in our office at Heritage Village Mall, (Beaver Dam Mall) on N. Spring St. at 6:30PM
Please use new white door in back of the Mall with The Arc of Dodge County printed on.
Next meeting-Tuesday -June 13. 2017
Membership meeting at Arc office, 6:30PM
Mark Your Calendars:

September 9- Saturday- Venture Scouts Campout

September 12- Tuesday-Membership Meeting 6:30pm

September 16- Saturday-Special Olympics Truck Convoy

September 17- Sunday-Fireside Theatre  
October 10-Tuesday-Membership Meeting 6:30pm     
October 16- Monday- Fall Banquet

October 21- Saturday-Halloween Party

December 16- Saturday-Christmas Party