Endowment Fund

 Arc Endowment Committee

Bernie Hafenstein, Committee Chairperson
Gerald Cribben
Mary Wollenburg
Kathy Armstrong
Jamie Henning
Donald Williams
John Rigotti
Bill Gergen
John Schoenberger
To donate to The Arc of Dodge County Endowment Fund, 
please send your donation to:

The Arc of Dodge County Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 173
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

We appreciate your generosity!


Due to the Corona Virus –

-The Arc of Dodge County Endowment committee has decided not to ask for donations this year- 2020- due to loss of jobs/slow economy.

We want to thank all of our donators from past years and hope to reconnect with you in 2021!

We are sponsoring a college scholarship for a student majoring in Special Education for 2020.


Congratulations to The Arc of Dodge County Endowment scholarship award recipient, 

 Bernie Hafenstein and Jamie Henning

Bernie Hafenstein presenting an appreciation plaque to Mr. Don Kordus and Becky Kordus Ackerman for creating The Arc of Dodge County Endowment Fund in memory of Don's daughter and Becky's sister, Peggy Kordus. Peggy was intellectually disabled and a member of The Arc and Special Olympics. Don Kordus was one of The Arc of Dodge County's founding fathers.

Angel Gone Home is a wonderful tribute to Peggy written by her sister, Becky.